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Avenue светильник для дорожек Simes

Артикул: avenue-cycle-lanepedestrian-12led-simes
Широкий ряд моделей - внутри описания - на выбор цвет, мощность, цветность, угол свечения.

Anthracite grey (cod.24)
От 154 900 руб. за 1 шт
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Степень защиты IP
IP 66
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Название и артикул
Avenue Simes, светильник для дорожек для улицы Артикул: S.3095N-simes
12 MODULES LED 4000K 230V 2100lm CRI 70Rated luminaire luminous flux: 1506lmRated input power: 15WLuminaire efficacy: 100lm/WElectronic ballast 220÷240V 50-60Hz
Anthracite grey (cod.24)
154 900 руб. за 1 шт
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Avenue Simes, светильник для дорожек для улицы Артикул: S.3091N-simes
24 MODULES LED 4000K 230V 8900lm CRI 70Rated luminaire luminous flux: 6364lmRated input power: 73WLuminaire efficacy: 87lm/WElectronic ballast 220÷240V 50-60Hz
Anthracite grey (cod.24)
199 100 руб. за 1 шт
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Avenue Simes, светильник для дорожек для улицы Артикул: S.3090N-simes
36 MODULES LED 4000K 230V 12614lm CRI 70Rated luminaire luminous flux: 9976lmRated input power: 107WLuminaire efficacy: 93lm/WElectronic ballast 220÷240V 50-60Hz
Anthracite grey (cod.24)
240 600 руб. за 1 шт
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Fixture available with integral DALI driver on request with surcharge.

Bollard fitting. IP rating IP 66

Extruded EN AW-6060 aluminium profile, die-cast EN AB-44100 aluminium housing (copper free) with high corrosion resistance. Stone wash surface treatment prior to painting process. A4 grade Stainless Steel screws with 2,5-3% molybdenum content which increases the resistance against corrosion. Pre treated Silicone Gaskets. Painting Process : 3 Step Process
1) Surface treatment with BONDERITE. A heavy metal free chemical surface treatment containing ceramic nano particles giving a cohesive, inorganic and highly dense protective coating. 2) PRE POLYMERIZATION a process of introducing an epoxy primer with excellent characteristics to the paint which also offers very high resistance to oxidation due to its Zinc content. 3) POLYMERIZATION a process with the application of polyester powder with high resistance against UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Resistance test protection for Marine applications for 1200h. Mechanical resistance IK 07

The circuit is characterized by a series of LEDs specifically oriented to assure excellent light distribution on the street. PARK supplied with electronic circuit with temperature sensors for each LED to optimize the lifetime. The light distribution is in accordance with light pollution regulations. Lamp fixed position . LOR --

Pole mounted in painted aluminium with Ø 102 mm connection. ON REQUEST ADAPTOR for cylindrical poles Ø 76 mm.

PROTECTIONS AGAINST DISCHARGES AND HIGH VOLTAGE SPIKES, Controlgear equipped with protections against discharges and high voltage spikes on the mains: 3,5kV differential mode (L-N), 4,0kV common mode (PE).Luminaire hard wired with H07RN-F cable. Fast connector IP67 (Ø 6÷12 mm) supplied as standard for single cable connection . Isolation: CLASS II . Available colours: Anthracite grey (cod.24). Weight: 12.84 Kg Glow Wire test: -- Exposed windage area : 0,06 m² ( 1000mm ), 0,05 m² ( 800mm ), 0,04 m² ( 645mm )
Lamp included.

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